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Jordan reveals convo with Bruce about Ashley

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shared that Newcastle were planning to spend a significant figure in the market based on a conversation he had with Steve Bruce.

The former chairman revealed that he had spoken to the boss earlier in the week and his understanding was that Newcastle owner was going to provide Bruce with significant backing in the window.

Jordan added that he also learnt from Bruce that Ashley was very invested in Newcastle and keen on the football side of things, which is different than how he is percieved.

“I spoke to Steve earlier on the week, he’s very aware of the fact the perception is he is going to be Ashley’s puppet,” said Jordan on talkSPORT (12:41, Friday July 19th).

“He’s very aware there is a backlash, however, let’s be clear the backlash is mostly against Ashley, not Steve Bruce, whoever Ashley brought in there would have been an element of backlash to it.

“But my understanding from Steve is that he got on very well with Ashley, Ashley was very invested and very keen on the football side of things, which is not what people report, and also that there is going to be some significant backing.

“He’s going to be given significant backing.”


The proof is in the pudding as they say. If Ashley was to spend big this summer then fair enough, but until the owner spends the amount required to get the club’s into a decent shape, then his words are meaningless. It seems believable that Ashley would have told Bruce he would back him in the transfer window, as the manager would have been foolish to take the job if he hadn’t, but it’s one thing saying you’ll spend and another thing doing it. Also while it is positive news that Newcastle may be about to be busy in the transfer market, Jordan’s reveal does come with a double edge sword. If Bruce was right to portray Ashley as being keen on the football side of things and invested in the Magpies, that doesn’t sound like he is about to sell the club.  Ashley was reported as putting the up for sale in 2017 by The Guardian, and yet he is still in charge of the club. If he actually enjoys owning Newcastle, which Jordan’s remarks imply, then it might explain why the club is worryingly still in his hands.

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