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Alan Brazil: Mike Ashley has no intention of selling Newcastle

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Alan Brazil shared he was categorically told on Wednesday that Newcastle United owner Mike Ashley does not want to sell the club.

The talkSPORT host admitted that he didn’t want to confuse the situation but yesterday he was with someone who was sure that Ashley had no intention of letting go of Newcastle.

“I don’t want to mix it up, but I was with someone yesterday who categorically says Ashley does not want to sell the club,” said Brazil on talkSPORT (6:52am, Wednesday, August 7th).

Ashley previously admitted in an interview with the Daily Mail that he “could own this football club for ever” as “there are no offers” to take it off his hands.


Brazil doesn’t name who told him Ashley doesn’t want to sell, but you feel it’s someone he thinks knows what’s going on at Newcastle as why else would he have shared his information on air? Also, it’s not hard to believe that Ashley is not actively trying to sell Newcastle as you feel he would have sold the club by now if he was trying. After all, how is a Premier League club, with a 50,000+-seater stadium (Source: Transfermarkt), proving hard to sell? The Magpies should be an appealing prospect for anyone looking to buy a football club, and that’s before you consider Newcastle’s long history. Ashley himself was coy in his interview about wanting to actually sell the club, as he did imply he was open to fielding offers. After all the businessman claimed the only reason he could end up owning Newcastle forever is because there is no one available to take it off his hands, which implies he’d get rid if he could.

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