Lascelles confronted by fans

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Jamaal Lascelles stayed behind to respond to Newcastle United fans after being confronted after the 5-0 defeat against Leicester City.

The Magpies were embarrassed and the King Power Stadium and Lascelles was surrounded by the travelling fans after getting out of his car to apologise for the performance.

The Chronicle reported that the 25-year-old fronted up to the fans by himself while the rest of the squad were sat on the team coach to start their journey back to the North East.

It is suggested that Lascelles could have left but instead made sure that he stayed and signed autographs for fans and even admitted he would have paid for a fan’s trip home if he could have.


The outrage was fully understandable from all Newcastle fans after they saw their side easily dismantled by the Foxes on a miserable afternoon. The Magpies’ faithful saw their side have to sit back for the majority of the game after Isaac Hayden was sent off, and that meant there was little threat going forward. Newcastle have simply not been good enough all season – they’ve only averaged 37.6% possession per game according to WhoScored – and the patience of fans has clearly disappeared. You can’t blame them for letting it all out after the game on Sunday. Lascelles didn’t need to speak to the Newcastle fans outside of the ground, but it is definitely the least he could have done after they were forced to sit through a shocking performance. As the captain of the side, he needs to take responsibility, and that is exactly what he did directly after the game and to the fans. Now things need to change on the pitch. 

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