Ryder: Kenyon takeover is not seen as serious

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How much longer must we trudge on through this seemingly never-ending saga surrounding prospective Newcastle United takeover attempts?

For a little while over the summer it looked as if an escape route from the stagnation and frustration of Mike Ashley’s ownership might actually be on the cards, but it soon became apparent that the Bin Zayed Group’s purported bid was destined to go the way of the dodo and it quickly fizzled out.

The latest rumour has been that of Peter Kenyon reentering the fray with a fresh attempt at a buyout, as reported by The Sun, but Lee Ryder’s assessment of the situation will do little to raise hopes on Tyneside.

Writing in a Q&A for the Chronicle (15.53), he said: “It’s fair to say he [Kenyon] is interested but having the money is another question.

“Even in the week that brought fresh takeover talk, the only feedback from the Ashley end has been that things are NOT serious at the moment.

“When Kenyon has the funds that might change.”

In short, things are seemingly no further forward than they ever have been, and you have to wonder how many more times this cycle of rumour, excitement, heartbreak can be repeated before all hope is lost entirely.

It already feels as if we are quickly approaching that point, and nobody can blame supporters for their cynicism.

But after this latest claim from Ryder, suggesting that Ashley does not view Kenyon’s bid as a serious option, you have to wonder whether this will be the straw to break the camel’s back.

The controversial owner has to realise that he must either drop his asking price or drop the act, because he cannot expect to keep treating United fans like idiots and not see an increase in unrest, and potentially even boycotts.

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