Joseph DaGrosa comments could be hint about Newcastle

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US billionaire Joseph DaGrosa may have dropped a hint about his interest in investing in Newcastle United after he revealed that he is focusing on football clubs in Europe.

DaGrosa is the current owner of Ligue 1 club Bordeaux but his recent comments have suggested that the French side is not the only one he has his eyes on as the American investor aims to branch out across the other side of the Atlantic.

“At the end of the day I run a private equity company and we are always looking for good sound investments,” he said, as quoted by the Shields Gazette.

“Right now we are focused on European football. I think the MLS is going to continue to grow over the next few years and if the right opportunity comes along, who knows.”

Although DaGrosa does not make it clear where he is aiming to invest his money, there is a good chance that Premier League side Newcastle are on his mind amid reports that two companies in the USA have been merged with the view to a potential takeover at St James’ Park.

According to the Shields Gazette, GACP Sports Limited, who are owned by DaGrosa, and Peter Kenyon have proposed a deal worth a total of £300million to unpopular Magpies owner Mike Ashley.

It remains to be seen whether or not Ashley will accept what is on the table because it is understood that £125million of that total would be paid in instalments over three years.

However DaGrosa, based on his comments about investing in European football and this latest development from a North-East newspaper, does appear to be serious about Newcastle.

A lot of the club’s supporters are bound to be sceptical and after what has happened over the last couple of years – and previous interest from Kenyon – who can blame them?

But it does seem as though there is more veracity to this story than there was about Sheikh Khaled in the summer when most of the news that was reported about that takeover came from national newspapers and the Middle East.

At least this time, something has come from the North-East.

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