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Stelling feels sorry for Joelinton

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Jeff Stelling admitted that he felt a little bit sorry for Newcastle United attacker Joelinton this season.

The Sky Sports presenter shared that he thought the Magpies attacker had been an isolated figure during the season so far and as a result had sympathy for him.

However, Stelling quickly added that he thought Joelinton had still managed to impress despite his isolation as he suggested he has looked like he might have been a decent signing by the club.

“I feel a little bit sorry for Joelinton so far this season as he is such an isolated figure,” said Stelling on Soccer Saturday (Sky Sports News, August 31st, 14:01).

“However none the less, he looks like he may be a decent buy doesn’t he?”


Given that the Magpies haven’t dominated possession during their matches this season than at times Joelinton has been isolated. Newcastle only saw 20% of the ball during their 1-0 win against Tottenham, as per the BBC, and didn’t win the battle for the ball against Watford as they had 49% of the ball compared to the Hornet’s 51% (Source: BBC). While the 1-1 draw with the Hornets saw the Magpies have more possession than in their previous outing, considering they were the home team, it says a lot that they still technically lose the possession battle. However, Stelling is right to suggest that Joelinton has still found a way to prove himself despite being isolated, and that is a credit to the effort he is putting in. The 23-year-old touched the ball 50 times against the Hornets, made one key pass and even managed to get himself in a shooting position on two occasions (Source: WhoScored). While neither of his efforts hit the target, it doesn’t mean that he didn’t look a handful. Hopefully, Joelinton is giving much better service by his teammates after the international break, as they will certainly help him add to the one goal he has racked up so far.

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