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Cascarino amazed by Joelinton’s childhood

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Newcastle United attacker Joelinton opened up about his childhood as well as his journey in football so far and one of his memories caught Tony Cascarino’s eye.

The Magpies forward in an interview with the Daily Mail shared how he had to contend with dribbling around bulls and cows as sometimes they would just “wander” over to where he was playing.

Cascarino focused on this and was just amazed that Joelinton had to dribble around a bull when he was younger and cheekily claimed he wasn’t sure every footballer had tried that.

“He actually talks about cows and bulls on the pitch and dribbling around them which seems pretty amazing cause I’m not sure everyone has tried to dribble around a bull,” said Cascarino on talkSPORT (8:28am, Saturday, September 28th).

“It just shows you the difference in cultures in countries that happen.”


Joelinton was giving his first interview to an English newspaper since joining when talking to the Daily Mail, and it seems he didn’t let them down with what he had to say. The Brazilian aside from sharing that he played in areas that could see cattle become pitch invaders, also revealed that the scar on his arm was a result of him jumping on the back of a truck. Joelinton explained that he and some of his friends had jumped on the back of a truck in a bid to get their football game on time, but he ended up falling onto the road and cutting his arm instead. The 23-year-old even pointed out that the scar grew bigger due to botched operations and it was just something he has to live with, and these sort of stories just tell you so much about the 23-year-old. The Magpies attacker was clearly passionate about football from a young age in order to jump on the back of the truck, and it’s likely that this passion still burns inside him and could help him succeed at St James Park. Joelinton has managed to score only one goal in his first six league outings of the season, but he has looked to be a useful player as he has averaged 2.2 shots per game and looked powerful in the air by winning 4.2 aerial duels per match (Source: WhoScored).

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