Date: 2nd July 2019 at 6:00pm
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Simon Jordan has blasted , claiming that the Spaniard manipulated Newcastle fans during his time at St James’ Park.

Benitez left St James’ Park at the end of June and has since been announced as the new manager of Dalian Yifeng, earning himself a widely-reported pay rise in the process.

The former boss has been one of the most popular managers on Tyneside in a very long time and his exit was met with a lot of anger from the supporters towards owner Mike Ashley.

However ex- chairman Jordan believes that Benitez was never at Newcastle because he felt any affinity towards the club and instead was just there to wait and see if something better came along.

“I know Newcastle fans will say ‘shut up you Southern whatever, you don’t know what you’re talking about’. I’m of the mentality that Benitez would use Newcastle for a stepping stone if a better opportunity came in the , he would have gone out of the door and wouldn’t have looked back,” Jordan told talkSPORT, as shown via their Twitter account on Tuesday.

“The only reason he’s gone for is because he’s gone for money.”

Jordan added: “Benitez has conducted the choir and has been very clever doing it.

“All the time, you and I both know, if a better opportunity came for Benitez inside the Premier League, all of this would be washed away. It would be gone.”

When told to read what Benitez wrote about Newcastle in his parting message to fans by , Jordan said: “I’ve seen it. I think he’s very clever and very manipulative. I can just see those words pouring out of his Spanish mouth.”