Date: 7th July 2019 at 5:00pm
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Newcastle owner has no relationship with the Chronicle newspaper, chief Newcastle writer has confirmed.

The journalist has been bombarded with accusations from that he and his newspaper have an association with chief, with one supporter claiming he is “in Mike Ashley’s pocket” while another says the Chronicle is “part of the problem” because they don’t want to be banned from covering the Tyneside club.

In an interaction with a fan on Saturday, Ryder rubbished the idea that there is some kind of relationship with Ashley, hitting out at the Newcastle owner for not wanting to talk with the local press in over a decade.

“You’re right the suggestion there is any relationship with Mike Ashley is a total myth. He’s never bothered to sit down with any of the NE press pack in 12 years! I think it’s just assumptions from the previous regime and previous press pack,” Ryder said via his personal Twitter account.


Newcastle fans need to ease off Ryder and the rest of the North-East based press because just like the supporters, they are having to deal with one of the worst owners in English football. Fans need to remember that Newcastle are a club that does not let secrets out easily and the fact that Ashley has not spoken to the local press in 12 years, suggests that the local press is going to find it hard to get information. It’s like drawing blood from a stone for them. This is why information regarding Newcastle usually comes out in national sources before it would in the Chronicle for example. They are not trying to preserve a relationship with Ashley, they just don’t want to report on things that might get the hopes up among the , only for them hopes to be dashed later. It’s a massively frustrating time to be a Newcastle supporter and the anger should be directed at the boardroom. Don’t shoot the messenger.