Date: 17th July 2019 at 6:45am
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Genesio was ’s preferred candidate for the vacant   job, according to L’Equipe

The former manager was unexpectedly linked with the hot seat at James’ Park on Tuesday, as reported by French outlet Le Progres.

But L’Equipe have claimed that the 52-year-old would only every have been brought in had Kenyon completed a deal for Army.

The report also suggests that Kenyon was working with an unnamed party from the UAE to get a deal over the line.


This is getting ridiculous now. Or rather, it was getting ridiculous a month and a half ago, and this latest report just pours fuel on the towering in inferno of daftness. Lord only knows why Genesio’s named has sprung up today, but it’s clear that he has not been anywhere near the vacancy at St. James’ Park for quite some time. Kenyon’s name hasn’t really been mentioned in any kind of serious sense since the start of the year, and so his sudden inclusion either means that he has revived takeover bid, or that the whole thing is nonsense. If it is the former – and that seems unlikely at this stage – then it means that there is a lot more going on behind the scenes than is being let on. To be fair, that is probably still the case, but does it mean that a takeover is imminent? Of course not. It’s a shame as well, because Genesio did wonders at Lyon, pickign up a points per game of 1.84 [Transfermarkt], but it looks like the Army are still getting Bruce.