Would you EVER take him back at Newcastle?


Former Newcastle striker Andy CarrollMark Douglas, Chief Sports Writer for the Evening Chronicle recently took to Twitter to tease his followers with the following titbit of information: “Interesting Pardew stuff on a certain former number 9… Admits he would take Carroll back to #nufc…Though no chance in Jan”.

That certainly is an interesting revelation. Though Carroll obviously isn’t heading back to Newcastle any time soon, Pardew’s open-minded attitude raises an interesting question: Would Newcastle fans take Andy Carroll back at their club or is his copybook permanently blighted?

Nobody, not even a bitter Newcastle fan can deny that when Carroll’s on form, he’s one of the best strikers in the Premier League. Unfortunately for Liverpool, the club that Newcastle sold Carroll to last January for £35m, the ponytailed striker hasn’t been in form now for about a year.

In fact, I’d argue Carroll is now facing a sink or swim situation at Liverpool. With Luis Suarez about to face a big ban, Andy is sure to be presented with numerous opportunities to prove himself worthy of first team football. Whether he can do this, or whether Liverpool will feel the need to secure a new forward through the transfer market remains to be seen.

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If he fails to establish himself, is it so far-fetched to suggest that Carroll could be on the transfer market this coming summer? Furthermore, he’d also be available at a significantly cheaper price than the one Newcastle sold him for a year ago.

It sounds like Alan Pardew would be game to make this transfer happen, but would you? Are you willing to forgive him for the way he left the club and take a gamble on him recovering some form?

I can’t help but feel that Carroll would be too big a risk for Newcastle. They’ve grown exponentially under Pardew and it could even be suggested that Demba Ba is Carroll’s match. With Carroll at the club, I can’t help but feel that Newcastle would revert to the long-ball tactics that have held them back for too long.

Newcastle’s reliance on Hatem Ben Arfa has seen them play some wonderful football this season and I’d hate to see Newcastle’s new attacking ethos curtailed by a signing such as this.

It’s not that I found Carroll’s departure unforgiveable. It’s more that I simply don’t see him working as part of the Newcastle side anymore.

But what’s your take? Would you like to see Andy Carroll back at the club?

Written by Harry Cloke

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  • geoff777 says:

    Yes straight swap for Tiote.

    Welcome home Andy lad!!!


  • dan says:

    Leave him alone leave him at LIVERPOOL Newcastle should go for the young Dutch lad

  • 2_goal_tino says:

    Answering the question – Would I take him back? No

    On a side note, what are you talking about when you say our ‘reliance’ on HBA? He’s started about 3 games and spent most of the season on the bench! Like everyone I think he should play more, but just because he set up a goal against WBA and scored against Bolton (both from the bench) doesn’t mean we are now reliant on him. Demba yes, hatem no!

    Also, this talk of a ‘return’ to hoof ball. Am I the only one who has watched our last few games? It’s been worse than Stoke and Bolton combined! Granted it has changed when HBA comes on, but that’s only ever in the last 30-20 mins!

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