The most ridiculous Newcastle rumour I’ve ever seen

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I’ve seen some ridiculous Newcastle rumours in my time, but this one surely takes the biscuit? Joey Barton to leave Newcastle and go to Arsenal? I’ll give you a bit of time to digest that, just in case it somehow passed you by in the Sunday newspapers, or you thought it was a dream; if it’s the latter I don’t blame you. We have the Sunday People to thank for this rumour, and boy is it a strange one.

It’s no secret that Joey Barton’s days at Newcastle may be numbered. Despite being one of Newcastle’s best performing players last season and being a key man in Alan Pardew’s squad, it seems like Mike Ashley and the rest of the board are not keen to extend the renowned ‘bad boy’s’ contract. It’s due to run out at the end of next season, so the fact that Newcastle are inviting bids for Barton this summer isn’t a surprise.

Just because Newcastle are inviting bids, doesn’t mean that Arsenal are going to make one. Aston Villa maybe, Arsenal just plain no. Described as potentially the most astonishing transfer of the summer; it wouldn’t be astonishing, it would be scarcely believable. Yes, Arsenal need a bit more bite in their midfield, but Barton goes against everything Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger stands for.

If the Frenchman did sign Barton he would be the biggest hypocrite in British football, if he isn’t already. Wenger talks continually about his disgust for the physicality of the Premier League and the overzealous tackles that some, mainly English, players are prone to committing. Then there’s the question of how Barton would fit in to the dressing room at the Emirates and given that Abou Diaby had him by the throat last season, the answer would have to be ‘not well’.

Now that I’ve given this the tag of being the most ridiculous Newcastle rumour yet, it’s bound to go and happen. So, this time next month Joey Barton will be wearing an Arsenal shirt? No, Barton may be disappointed about his mate Kevin Nolan leaving, but if he wanted to play with a load of Frenchmen he’d stay at Newcastle! In all seriousness, I hope Barton stays for at least another 12 months or a serious and significant bid comes so that Newcastle can make a bit of cash.

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  • Goonerjon says:

    I’m sure Mr Barton is a lovely fella and all that but it’s taken him a long time to find the right club for his level and I wouldn’t want him taking a chance at this vital stage of his career…so stay in Newcastle Joey where you wonderful touches, your intelligaence and your general all round footballing skills are fully appreciated…the Champions League’s loss is Tyneside’s gain…remember he thinks he’s cgood enough to be an England regular…yes,seriously…

  • dlo475 says:

    totaly agree why sit on the bench with the likes of arsenal ect while u can play great football and be loved by the toon lets hope ashley has a change of mind

  • Cheik and Bake says:

    Dunno. I think last year’s rumour of a swap deal between us and Barca sending Steven Taylor to the Nou Camp and Puyol to SJP was probably the most ridiculous I’ve ever seen!

  • St. James says:

    Good player, his poor attitude let him down too many time.

    No-way Arsenal will sign him, that’s ridiculous. Or any of the top clubs. He’s too much of a liability.

    If I was him, id stay at Newcastle and show loyalty. They’ve been good to him and pretty much saved his career.

  • Real shame Joey’s reputation proceeds him and would be delighted if he stayed at newcastle.
    Unfortunatly the clubs have agreed a fee, and if Joey agrees terms he is off.

    He will win the Arsenal fans over very quickly, as he can play a bit!

  • GoonerB says:

    As a gooner I am split in my thinking on this one. I think you will find more gooners in the no camp but many would say yes because he brings the physicality and winning mentality that we have needed, but can play a bit as well. As long as Barton retains that bite and never say die mentality but has it in check then I am all for it because, purely from a football point of view, I can’t see many better options in terms of providing the physicality with the technical ability. The main concern would be silly red cards that cost you games, more so in Europe where they are less tolerant of a crunching tackle. The other problem area could be training ground or dressing room bust ups that could cause long term disharmony that far outweighs anything he could bring as a player. If a team mate is unhappy with him about something or says something to him has Joey come far enough to sit down and have a chat and iron out their differences, or would his approach to that confrontation be more of the cigarette and eye variety.

  • clowns says:

    even if barton was a saint, wenger would never be interested in a player like him.

    how long has barton been at newcastle, how many good season has he had? Answear is One.

    What positon was he playing during this good season he had? on the right ring. So somehow wenger is thinking HMMMMmmmmm lets sign him cus he hasnt had a gud season in central midfield for about 5 years. lol

    u think wenger is gonna stick him on the wings, when they have walcott, nasri, ashavin and many more faster players there. besides they dont even play wingers they play wide attackers and barton is not that.

    then u ask why wud he put barton in central midfield when they have many more option, wenger may need a tough tackler in there, but joey is not a defensive midfielder.

  • Gorskino10 says:

    If this was a Normal team we would renew his contract, a player who has stated MANY TIMES he wants to stay, He way PLAYER OF THE SEASON and for us to even contemplate selling him to a LEAGUE RIVAL is beyond stupid and something that just sums up our board and owner.

    • Tom Jones says:

      Have to agree with you to a large extent

      Just give him a new contract and be done with it

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