Tips for Better Betting on Newcastle United

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With Newcastle at the time of writing sitting in fourth spot just seven points behind the leaders, now is a great time to be a member of the Toon Army. Pundits are predicting Champions League action next year for Newcastle United and you may want to make the games more interesting by betting on the matches, especially as the team is the best it has been for some time. So whether you want to bet on your beloved Newcastle, or you want to know the Brazil Serie A odds, the following tips will give you a better betting experience.

Identify Value Bets Through Research

If you want to have a great betting experience and have something solid to base your bets, it is essential you do your research and try to find value bets.

Value bets are in essence, where you spot something a bookie has missed. The key to finding a value bet is through researching Newcastle’s opponents and deciding who is in form, who is out of form, who the key players are, and then drilling down into specific stats such as the shot stopping rates of the keepers, and the goal scoring rates of the forwards.

All of this gives you a basis to formulate your betting strategy.

The importance of research can’t be stressed enough. When you look at the betting markets, should a value bet present itself you’ll identify it. This is how the pros do it, and it is a strategy you should copy.

Handicap Betting

An interesting betting market to look at is handicap betting. It is used by bookies to keep matches interesting and the odds more appealing.

It comes into play when a match occurs that has a clear winner. So say Newcastle play Leyton Orient in the cup. Clearly, it is a no brainer that Newcastle is going to win. So to offer better odds the bookmaker will apply a handicap by subtracting goals from Newcastle’s scoreline and or adding goals to Orient’s scoreline.

So a handicap bet could be something like this Newcastle (-2.5) vs Leyton Orient Here a handicap of -2.5 has been applied to the Newcastle score line. So should Newcastle win 3-1 and you bet on your beloved Toon Army to win, you would lose as under the rules of the handicap bet Newcastle have only scored 0.5 goals.

Monitor Odds

It is important you use social media to try and stay ahead of team news. Should key players be dropped not only do you need to conduct further analysis as your strategy might need to change, but the odds will change as well. If Newcastle’s best player doesn’t feature, the team is weakened and the probability of a win reduces.

As such it pays to monitor the odds.

Use Football Focused Bookies

Lastly, when choosing a bookmaker site, use ones that are football focused. Here you’ll get better bonuses and promotions and more exciting live betting.

Good luck to you and your betting endeavours and good luck to the Toon Army!

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