Interesting things Newcastle united players do in their free time

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As they train for the next Premier League season in Austria, Newcastle United footballers are unquestionably balancing work and play.

Eddie Howe recently took his team on trips to warm places like Saudi Arabia and Dubai to help them get closer together both on and off the field. The Magpies’ manager wants his players to develop strong bonds with one another, and he believes that vacations away from the country provide the perfect opportunity to do so.

Here are some of the things Newcastle United players love to do


Meditation is encouraged by a lot of people to relieve anxiety, stress, and increase focus during an important game. Spending 10-20 minutes a day meditating in peace is guaranteed to bring you inner peace. Meditation brings clarity, focus, and calm to our hectic daily lives and that’s why many Newcastle players do it.


Since footballers are required to perform to a certain standard, a healthy diet is required. Therefore most of the Newcastle players are known to have a good idea of how to cook healthy and sustainable meals that fuel their performance daily.

Cooking is a fun way to spend your leisure time. The Internet is replete with recipes and video instructions for everything from the simplest dishes to the most intricate gourmet creations.


After a long day running and shooting the ball, playing your favorite casino games is known to relieve stress. Some of the Newcastle players love playing the Most Popular Online Slots at LeoVegas since it’s a good and reliable site.


Music can help when you’re bored and uninspired. Newcastle United players don’t shy away from blasting out some bangers right before a match to alleviate some stress. Some of the players are even known to play instruments like the guitar and piano.

Yoga and stretching

You may strengthen your body, become more flexible, and calm your mind and body by engaging in yoga.

It’s easy to practice yoga at home, even if you only have a small studio apartment, and it’s a great way to unwind without spending a lot of money.

Yoga has a ton of scientifically proven advantages, from reducing back pain to reducing anxiety to potentially preventing heart disease.

Yoga certainly helps out Newcastle United players after a match or a hard day of training since it helps with the recovery process.

Engage with nature

Feeling uninspired and bored? Go outside and discover nature. You’ll get your circulation flowing and feel better whether you take a stroll in your suburb or on a journey through the woods. New castle players love to spend their free time in nature unwinding.

Especially during the epidemic, it is tempting to spend too much of one’s free time holed up inside the house, day and night.

Stream podcasts

Podcast listening is enjoyable and intellectually stimulating. Whatever your interests, there are countless podcast alternatives available to you. New castle players love listening to podcasts when traveling on the plane or bus.

Numerous more things on this list can be combined with podcast listening. Play your preferred podcast as you clean, stroll, cook, or do crafts, for instance. It makes things more enjoyable!

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