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News: Sections of the Newcastle playing squad ‘confused’ over managerial situation

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Sections of the Newcastle United squad are ‘confused’ about the managerial situation following the club’s takeover, according to The Daily Mail

What’s the latest Newcastle United manager news?

Given the Tottenham game is just over 48 hours away, it seems incredibly unlikely Steve Bruce will be relieved of his duties before then. A hugely unpopular figure amongst the club’s support, replacing him with assistant coach Graeme Jones for a short period did seem like a reasonably straightforward idea now that the new owners are in place.

That, of course, is yet to happen at the time of writing and the report suggests there are players who are confused as to why Bruce remains in charge. Many are said to want a change in manager and believe that could help spark some sort of form after a winless start to the Premier League campaign so far.

Why hasn’t Steve Bruce been sacked yet?

Fabrizio Romano revealed yesterday that, while the new owners are keen on replacing the former Sunderland boss, they want to be sure they had an adequate replacement lined up.

Considering how quickly the takeover went through in a whirlwind week for the club, they can at least be forgiven for not being quite as prepared as they might have been had Mike Ashley been able to sell in 2020 as initially planned.

 Should Bruce be sacked?


Still, what’s already clear is that the new regime will not rush into decisions for the sake of it. Let’s not forget, they spent £300m+ for a Premier League side and Newcastle’s position in the division isn’t exactly secure, so it makes sense they want the right man lined up before making any moves.

Clearly, it’s disappointing but it’s important to remember this is a long-term project for the ownership and a methodical approach will be necessary.

For the players, hopefully the buzz of the post-Ashley era is enough to raise spirits on Sunday.

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