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News: Steve Bruce might not have had say in coaching staff

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The arrival of Graeme Jones may not have been Steve Bruce’s choice. 

What’s the story?

After Bournemouth’s assistant manager moved up to Tyneside in January, the Newcastle United boss insisted it was done with his approval.

However, speaking on The Everything Is Black And White Podcast (via The Chronicle) Lee Ryder revealed that the 60-year-old may not have had much say in the matter.

“The situation with the coaches around Bruce, that is very strange,” he said.

“That wasn’t his choice is what we are told – although he says something different, and that is where we are the minute.”

What does this mean?

If that is indeed the case, it only adds to the strange decision-making made by the club’s hierarchy.

Rather than make a change after some truly miserable losses against the likes of Sheffield United and Brentford, the club opted to take a cheaper route and introduce a new voice to the coaching staff while sticking with a man who, even ten years ago, was described as not having moved with the times.

Jones did appear to have an impact upon his arrival but the tactical versatility football analyst Mark Thompson talked about back in February looks to have waned in recent weeks and Newcastle haven’t actually won since.

The Verdict

Yet another gamble from the powers that be at St. James’ Park and indicative of the mess behind the scenes. Rather than get rid of Bruce with enough amount of time for a replacement to make a marked impact, they may well have opted to work around him, which doesn’t look to have paid off.

In other news, Nothing But Newcastle have been exclusively told that Chris Wilder is interested in replacing Steve Bruce. 

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