What Can the Magpies Expect This Season – Past and Future Games Overview

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The last game the Magpies played was against Manchester City that’s having an outstanding start of the season, currently occupying the third place in the Premier League. The Magpies managed to get away with a draw, as the match ended 2-2. It was great to see the team getting back on track after that terrible loss against Aston Villa.

Jonjo Shelvey managed to score a late equaliser and proved, once again, that Newcastle still got it despite the fact that they aren’t exactly topping the leaderboard this season. In fact, the team proved at St James’ Park’s dramatic ending that they do have the ability to win against all the Premier League favourites, as long as there’s unity in their play and enough motivation to win.

The team is currently occupying the 14th position on the leaderboard of the Premier League. We could all agree that the Magpies have seen better days. First of all, let’s take a look at some of the most recent games and how Newcastle performed in each of them.

August, September, and October

The month of August was quite odd for the team, as it includes two draw games against Watford in the Premier League and Leicester City in the EFL Cup, both of them ending 1:1. The team also played against Tottenham when the first win was recorded. However, the competition did not start well for Newcastle United as the first game was a 0:1 loss against Arsenal followed by a 3:1 loss against Norwich City.

Although things did not look that bad in August, September proved to be quite disastrous for the team. First of all, the team met with Liverpool and lost 3:1. Next, they played a draw against Brighton & Hove Albion, and then things went completely sour against Leicester City when they met once again and lost 5:0.

The game immediately put Leicester on the pedestal, as they showed that they are serious contenders to the 2020 Premier League throne. On the other hand, Newcastle United’s fans were more than disappointed with the performance.

The first game in October was against Manchester United when the second win was recorded. The Magpies managed to win against the Red Devils with a minimal difference, only to lose 1:0 from Chelsea the very next match. The month of October ended with a draw against Wolverhampton Wanderers.

November’s Performance

The results at the start of November did not look good for Newcastle. However, the team managed to bring smiles to the faces of their supporters by winning 2:3 against West Ham United on November 2.

The next match continued the winning streak against AFC Bournemouth when the Magpies recorded a 2:1 victory on November 9.

The last two games were mentioned in the introductory part of the article. The club suffered a terrible loss from Aston Villa and then managed to play 2:2 against the Blues.

The Premier League Future Games

After Sheffield United and Southampton, the Magpies will meet with Burnley FC. December 14 is reserved for the game against the Clarets and many professional bookmakers predict they are we’re going to have an exciting match. Newcastle won the last two games against them and many fans hope that they will not break the pattern this time. On the other hand, Burnley FC is playing pretty well this season and currently occupies the tenth position in the standings — four places above Newcastle United.

On Saturday, December 21, the Magpies will test their football abilities against Crystal Palace. The two teams always had exciting encounters. Crystal Palace won in the away game last season and the two duels between the clubs before that ended in a draw. In other words, it’s not quite certain what we could expect from Newcastle’s upcoming game against Crystal Palace.

The last two games for 2019 will be against Manchester United and Everton. Neither of these teams is performing well this season. The Red Devils are ninth at the moment, which is far worse compared to their past results. Moreover, Everton is 17th and their performance has been nothing but disappointing.

Their duels with Newcastle are always uncertain, but we hope that the Magpies will end the year with a victory rather than a defeat.

Conclusion: What to Expect?

Let’s get real — Newcastle aren’t going to win the Premier League this year or any time soon. Unless they manage to create some sort of a miracle, they will have to be satisfied with what they have. On the other hand, it’s important that they at least try to get to the upper part of the leaderboard — the fans will definitely consider it a success!

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