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Brazil shares his Ashley opinion

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Alan Brazil revealed that he viewed Newcastle United owner Mike Ashley as a very rich man and a very clever man who Rangers chairman Dave King should give up fighting.

Gers chief Dave King vowed to finish his fight with the Magpies owner over the long-running merchandise row with him stepping down as Rangers chairman to solely focus on his role as retail director. (Source: Scottish Sun/Evening Times)

Brazil admitted he had never met Ashley, but knew people that had dealt with him, and based on what he knew, he advised King to walk away from his dispute with the Sports Direct Tycoon.

“I’ve never met Mike Ashley but I know people that have worked and dealt with him,” said Brazil on talkSPORT (6:13, Wednesday, November 27th).

“I think he (Dave King) should just walk away, don’t spend any more money, because Mike Ashley is a very very very rich man and a very clever man.

“So maybe he should just step back.”


It’s interesting that Brazil is effectively saying tangling with Ashley isn’t worth the effort, as you do wonder what people have told him. After all, he is solely basing his opinion on people who have dealt with Ashley first-hand, so he must know some stories that make him believe when you fight Ashley, you’re fighting a losing battle. However, it is worth noting that Brazil’s opinion of Ashley isn’t a surprise as  Newcastle fans have seen that the businessman isn’t willing to give up easily. Many Magpies fans have constantly protested Ashley’s ownership of the club and put pressure on him to sell their beloved team, but here we are in 2019, and he still holds the reins. Also, it’s not like Ashley hasn’t had a chance to part with the club either, as there always seems to be a party reported as being interested in a takeover. For example, just look at the past summer, when The Sun reported that BZG’s £350million takeover of the Magpies was progressing well. So with that in mind, it does suggest the Magpies owner is a tough negotiator who isn’t easily persuaded, so maybe King should just walk away for the sake of Rangers as the argument has been going on way too long now.

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