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Bowyer claims Newcastle will soar once fans back Bruce

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Lee Bowyer claimed that once Newcastle United fans get behind Steve Bruce the club will only go up and up and his claim will surely ruffle some feathers at St James Park.

The former Magpies midfielder shared that he thought Bruce had made a good start to life as Newcastle boss but admitted the Premier League was so difficult because it’s relentless.

Bowyer then added that he thought once the St James Park crowd backed Bruce, then it would help the club soar.

“This league is so difficult, it’s relentless, he has had a good start, and hopefully the crowd get behind him because once they do, it will only go up and up for me,” said Bowyer on Sky Sports’ The Debate (23:04, Monday, November 4th).

While Bowyer knows the Toon Army very well having played 79 times for Newcastle, his claim is questionable as it carries an insulting connotation.

The 42-year-old in someways implies that Newcastle fans not singing their heart out for Bruce, limits their team’s success and surely that is at the very least questionable.

After all, while having St James Park rocking can be a boost to the team, surely the crowd being mild doesn’t exactly hold Bruce’s side back.

If the atmosphere was hostile, he may have a point, but has it really been that hostile at St James Park this season?

Newcastle fans that don’t agree with Bruce, or more importantly Magpies owner Mike Ashley, have tended to not attend games as that’s the only real explanation for why St James Park has on average only been 89% full this season. (Source: Chronicle)

Also, it’s worth noting the Chronicle described the atmosphere in Newcastle’s win over Manchester United as ‘excellent’ so if there were anti-Bruce fans there, it’s not like they dictated the atmosphere or negatively affected the team.

Bowyer’s claim about Newcastle fans could help the club soar, could be his way of suggesting Bruce is affected by how a section of fans feel to him.

However, that’s easy to deny too.

The Newcastle boss was aware of how some Newcastle fans felt about him from the get-go as he admitted he “wasn’t the majority of supporters’ cup of tea”, as per the Guardian,  upon arriving at the club and given that Bowyer said Bruce has done well, then surely how Newcastle supporters feel about him doesn’t affect the performance of the club.

So with that in mind, you feel Bowyer’s claim will just ruffle some feathers as if you’re Newcastle fans it’s hard not be a little agitated by what he’s implying.

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