Date: 18th November 2019 at 10:00am
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Chronicle journalist Lee Ryder offered a bit of a random update for supporters on Sunday night when he tweeted out of the blue that has paid tribute to Sean and . We assume that ex-Oasis star Gallagher was playing up to the crowd at one of his gigs in Newcastle at the weekend, which Ryder might have been attending. Either way, it’s a pretty random tweet that offers basically no context, which is what one Newcastle fan has pointed out. Supporters are a bit confused by the tweet because Ryder has not really given any detail other than that Gallagher “paid tribute” to the two brothers. What else? One supporter says that he did not expect to see that tweet on and he is right. It’s so out of the blue. Maybe Ryder can elaborate over the course of the day or just leave these baffled hanging.

NothingButNewcastle has rounded up some of the best tweets below: