Date: 17th November 2019 at 4:00pm
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has kind of become the poster boy for bad football club ownership in recent times. 

The top dog has become synonymous with a regime that is uncaring and stingy, and it’s hardly any surprise that Army are so very keen for him to sell up and leave.

One name that has been brought up as a potential suitor who could tame off his hands is that of Mexican billionaire , as per The Athletic.

The report from the start of the week suggests that he and his are serious bidders, and while the truth of that assertion remains to be seen, many Toon fans will surly be hoping it is true after hearing the latest comments from the businessman.

Speaking to Cancha, as quoted by the Shields Gazette, he said: “Owners or responsible guardians of a football team do not take it as a small thing.

“We do understand that in the forefront and modernity of business today in the industry, we are required to be a very efficient very institution and very professional.

“But we also understand that there are two other factors that are essential

“The vocation and origin of the teams to generate value to the community in which they are. And I mean emotional value, inspiring generations.”

On paper, this all sounds very impressive, and is essentially the antithesis of what Mike Ashley has come to stand for. An owner who is attentive and caring when it comes to the needs of the club, and the fanbase writ large, is exactly what needs more than ever right now.

While it may still be a pipe dream that Ashley will sell any time soon, and it’s almost certainly unlikely that Irraragorri will be the man to take the club off his hands, this should provide some hope that there are decent owners out their somewhere, and that they could one day end this constant limbo on Tyneside.