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Cundy and Goldstein mock Courtney on Lascelles

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Jason Cundy and Andy Goldstein replayed a clip from talkSPORT’s coverage of Newcastle United’s 1-0 win over Manchester United and were amused by what they heard.

During a talkSPORT segment where they highlight how often people on the station say “by the way”, they played a clip of talkSPORT’s North-East correspondent, Graeme Courtney, appearing to insult Magpies defender Jamaal Lascelles.

“Here’s our man in the North-East with an insulting ‘by the way’,” said Goldstein on talkSPORT (17:55, Wednesday October 9th).

The clip then plays with Courtney reading Newcastle’s line-up ahead of Sunday’s win over Manchester United: “It will be three in front of him (Dubravka) by the way, Clark, Lascelles and Schar, Lascelles has been way off the pace by the way.”

Goldstein and Cundy then reacted to the clip to share how they thought that wasn’t a very nice thing for the talkSPORT reporter to say.

“Oh that’s insulting, he has been useless by the way,” laughed Goldstein.

Cundy then cheekily replied: “He’s thrown him right under the bus.”


Courtney’s clip may have been cut off at the ideal time for comic effect, to make it sound like he was questioning the centre-back’s recent performances, but then again he does clearly say he has been way off the pace and it’s hard to see how his next words will make it sound like he isn’t singling out the Magpies captain. This clip only sounds worse in context as it does appear to be from before Newcastle’s win over Manchester United, or possibly at half-time, so it just makes Courtney slamming Lascelles sound worse. After all, it wasn’t an overly bad day for the 25-year-old centre-back on Sunday as his team did manage to keep a clean sheet and pick up a surprise win. Lascelles made one tackle as well as blocked one shot to play a part in the Magpies’ clean sheet, and he does deserve credit even if he was arguably his side’s worst-performing defender. After all, Fabian Schar, Ciaran Clark and Jetro Willems all made more tackles than him, and DeAndre Yedlin, the other Magpies defender who started Sunday’s game, had more interceptions and clearances than Lascelles (Source: WhoScored). However, it is worth noting, that as club captain Lascelles was probably proving his worth in ways that stats don’t highlight.

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