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Charlie Nicholas: Newcastle are my biggest disappointment

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Charlie Nicholas revealed that he has been baffled by Newcastle United fans due to the animosity they show Magpies boss Steve Bruce.

The pundit claimed the Magpies were his biggest disappointment in the Premier League so far this season and seemed confused over why fans hadn’t taken to Bruce like they previously had with Rafa Benitez.

Nicholas went on to add that the most intriguing thing about Newcastle was the disappointment surrounding the club and he even suggested that fans may soon have to give Bruce a pat-on-the-back.

“The most intriguing thing is the disappointment surrounding Newcastle,” said Nicholas, as quoted by Sporting Life.

“Bruce is doing a very good job, but some are hoping he doesn’t. I never quite understand the animosity towards him. Somewhere along the line, they have to give their manager a pat-on-the-back.”


Nicholas in his own explantation referred to how Newcastle had been awful in some games this season, which likely includes the 5-0 defeat courtesy of Leicester City, but then seems confused at why Newcastle fans aren’t convinced about Bruce. While it’s true the Magpies have beaten Manchester United and Tottenham, two sides that on paper Newcastle had no business beating, two noticeable wins don’t make you forget the poor performances against the Foxes or against Norwich City. Also while Spurs and Man United are usually top-six contenders, it has to be pointed out that both teams look like a shadow of their former selves, and the pair don’t currently sit in the top-six. In fact, Man United aren’t even in the top-10 as they’re 12th in the table. However, even when you ignore that, the Magpies have only scored five goals in eight games and have lost 50% of their league games so far, so surely when you consider that, how can anyone be baffled that the mood is sour around St James Park? While Bruce probably does get some of the stick that should be aimed at Magpies owner Mike Ashley in his direction, it’s not like he has warranted being showered with praise outside of those two notable wins.

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