Waddle baffled by Toon situation

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Chris Waddle has claimed that he “can’t believe” nobody has made a serious move to buy Newcastle United.

The Magpies have been the subject of several rumoured takeover attempts in recent times, but as of yet, nothing has come close to deposing Mike Ashley from the St. James’ Park boardroom.

And Waddle has admitted that the situation has left him baffled.

Speaking to the Racing Post, as quoted by the Chronicle (15.41), he said: “Deep down does Mike Ashley really want to sell?

“I can’t believe there haven’t been people interested in buying.

“As long as they’re in the Premier League, he will be making profit.”


Waddle has inadvertently provided himself with an answer to his own bemusement here. At the end of the day, Mike Ashley’s ownership has been a textbook tutorial in smoke and mirrors, so you can forgive Toon fans for feeling more than a little confused and frustrated by things. The fact of the matter is, however, that if Ashley was serious about offloading the club, he would have by now. The reason he hasn’t? As Waddle himself says, because he is still making money out of it. When all is said and done, Ashley is a businessman, and rich people don’t get rich by getting rid of the things that make them rich. United are a cash cow that Ashley is happy to milk, even if he is coming in for all sorts of flak from supporters in the process. That’s why he isn’t willing to budge on his asking price either. He is under no pressure to sell, and until he is, the Toon Army are lumbered with him, plain and simple.

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