Onwurah responds to Newcastle criticism

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Local MP Chi Onwurah has admitted that the stewardship of Newcastle United is not on the same level as Brexit, whilst responding to criticism of her comments on Mike Ashley.

The Newcastle Central MP defended herself and shared that she and Jeremy Corbyn have the same views that Ashley is exploiting the Magpies, something she once petitioned against.

Onwurah was accused by Richard Moss of getting involved in private matters when there were bigger issues that needed addressing in the world of politics.

“For me, this is not about populism”, she said on BBC’s Sunday politics, as quoted by the Chronicle.

“It is something I’ve been looking at and campaigning on for years now and I know that Jeremy has felt very strongly about it as well.”


Nothing is ever certain in the world of politics, and it appears that Onwurah as too many concerns surrounding Newcastle. Just like politics, Magpies’ fans don’t know what is around every corner at this current moment in time, on and off the pitch. Ashley has been in charge at St James’ Park for so long that there doesn’t seem to be a positive ending to his reign. Numerous interested parties appear to be interested in the club, but yet nothing appears to be happening. Many have pointed out that Ashley is putting his financial interests ahead of the club, and Onwurah has come out and voiced those concerns. Yes, she may not need to come out and comment on it, but if she and Corbyn are serious about changing things, this would be one of the first places to start. Onwurah is just joining the long list of people to voice their concerns against Ashley, and should that continue, soon he will have no choice but to sell up and leave.

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