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Nolan believes Carroll and Joelinton could work well together

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Kevin Nolan has backed Newcastle United attackers Andy Carroll and Joelinton to be able to form a lethal partnership up front for Steve Bruce’s side.

The former Magpies midfielder shared that he could envision the two forwards working well and being a nightmare for any defence once Carroll is able to get fit and start more games.

Nolan also added that he thought Joelinton would be able to help Carroll succeed and vice versa.

“I think the more and more this lad (Carroll) gets fit and the more he is able to start games, I think you might see him and Joelinton working together as a front two because it will certainly help him and it will certainly help Joelinton out two,” said Nolan on Football Centre (Sky Sports News, 11:24, Tuesday, September 24th).

“And believe me, they’ll be a nightmare for any defence.”


Carroll being fit enough to start several games surely is just a pipedream at this stage, as he has only just been able to return to action. The 30-year-old forward made his second debut for the Magpies in the 0-0 draw against Brighton as he got on the pitch for eight minutes (Source: Transfermarkt). While Carroll’s cameo was only brief, it was easy to envision the impact he could have. The experienced attacker’s introduction to the game not only lifted the crowd, but he looked like being a threat upfront. Carroll won his only aerial duel, showing off his physical strength, and even managed to make a key pass that saw the Magpies’ launch a rare attack against Brighton (Source: WhoScored). So with that in mind, it’s clear Carroll could make an impact, but it does seem Nolan puts too much pressure on him by suggesting he could soon form a fruitful partnership with Joelinton. The Brazilian has only managed one league goal since arriving and could clearly do with another forward to help him out upfront, but it’s unclear whether Carroll can be counted as a dependable option just yet.

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