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McCoist and Brazil have doubts about Kenyon takeover

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Ally McCoist and Alan Brazil both questioned whether Newcastle United owner Mike Ashley wanted to sell the club after being told about Peter Kenyon’s takeover bid.

The Daily Mail reported on Wednesday that Kenyon had made a fresh £300million takeover bid to buy the Magpies with a new consortium and that £125million has been offered to the Magpies owner upfront.

Laura Woods read the Mail’s story to McCoist and Brazil, and both seemed to doubt that the Magpies were truly for sale.

“That’s what I was going to ask you, does Mike Ashley want to sell?” stated McCoist on talkSPORT (7:22am, Friday, September 27th).

Brazil said “yeah” to show he had the same question before Woods pointed out that she thought it was Brazil’s friends that said the current Magpies owner doesn’t want out.

“I was told he was offered £300m, shook hands on it, then the next days changed his mind on it,” explained the talkSPORT host.


Brazil previously revealed in August that he had been categorically told that Ashley didn’t want to sell Newcastle, and it seems his information hasn’t changed. Woods claimed that she had heard different things about Ashley’s desire to sell, but focused on the fact that Brazil had a couple of friends who were confident the Magpies owner didn’t want out. Given that all previous talk of a Newcastle takeover happening has ultimately been pointless as Ashley has remained in charge, it’s not hard to believe that he doesn’t truly want to sell. The businessman in a previous interview with the Daily Mail claimed he could end up owning the Magpies forever and surely that suggests that only a really good offer would see him leave. While £300million seems a fair price for the Magpies, giving that Kenyon & co are only willing to pay £125million upfront, it’s hard to see Ashley snapping their hands off. However, as a Newcastle fan, all you can do is hope that the businessman surprises everyone and seals a deal.

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