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Downie stats why Ashley will like Kenyon’s bid

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Sky Sports reporter Keith Downie claimed that based on what he had seen then Peter Kenyon’s takeover bid for Newcastle United may appeal to Mike Ashley.

The Daily Mail reported on Wednesday that Kenyon and a Florida-based consortium had made a fresh bid for the Magpies worth a total of £300million and shared that a 46-page brochure had been produced showing their plans for the club.

Downie revealed he had seen the brochure and based on that he thought that Kenyon’s takeover bid would tick a lot of boxes for Ashley and highlighted how the businessman would be able to keep advertising Sports Direct at St James Park given its terms.

“Certainly the brochure or prospectus should we call it that I’ve seen ticks a lot of boxes for Mike Ashley,” said Downie on Sky Sports News (8:14am, Friday, September 27th).

“It’s talking about figures of £300million, that’s in the ballpark of what Ashley would be looking for as we’ve said earlier this year that he was looking for around £350million but as we’ve said, that always goes up and down depending on where Newcastle are in the Premier League.

“If they’re safe after a full season it’s £350million and if they are where they are right now, near the bottom, it’s probably around £300million so that ticks one box.

“Secondly, the £300million according to the prospective will be paid over three years and that is attractive to Mike Ashley, partly because he could keep the Sports Direct advertising at St James Park for the duration of those three years.

“And also as well, it’s Peter Kenyon, this is man who we understand Ashley would like to do businessman with and sell to, as he indicated that in an interview with Sky Sports News in December, so he is more likely to do businessman with Kenyon than an Amanda Stavely or others we have seen try in recent years.

“However as ever, there is cynicism on Tyneside as Newcastle supporters feel Mike Ashley will never sell the club.”


Downie clearly has doubts about Kenyon’s takeover bid like he would any attempt to prise Newcastle United away from Ashley, but he is positive. The Sky Sports journalist points out that on paper Kenyon’s attempt will surely gain Ashley’s attention, and that should give Newcastle fans some hope that a deal could be reached. However, given that talk of Newcastle being taken over has continually happened year-after-year it seems, and Ashley still remains in charge, it’s hard to be confident until it’s all said and done. Downie points out that £300million is in the region of what Ashley is thought to be looking for, but maybe the businessman is confident that the Magpies will soon fly up the league so he will hold out for more money. Steve Bruce’s side currently sit 17th in the table after racking up five points from their first six games. Yet when you consider that only six games have been played and there are 32 more matches to go, then it doesn’t mean the Magpies are consigned to being in a relegation battle just yet.

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