Newcastle fans react to Ashley video

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A video emerged on social media on Monday from the Twitter account of a Lex Wilson that showed a Newcastle United supporter confronting Magpies owner Mike Ashley, telling him that he’s ruined his club. The general reaction from the Newcastle fans is a positive one, with many of them praising the fan for going up to Ashley and lauding him for managing to keep his cool in the face of the tyrannical Sports Direct mogul. We all know what Ashley has done to this Newcastle side, he’s sucked all the life out of the club and turned them into just another of his businesses. However, despite his clear lack of interest, he still hasn’t sold the Magpies. It’s all rather dispiriting, and Ashley can’t be surprised to have somebody come up to him to confront him for his pathetic leadership of the north east giants. It was going to happen eventually, even if he is down south rather than in the north east.

Nothing but Newcastle has rounded up some of the best tweets below.

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