Brochure terms unacceptable

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The terms put together by Peter Kenyon in his Newcastle United take over brochure are currently seen as unacceptable by owner Mike Ashley, according to journalist Mark Douglas.

The Chronicle journalist revealed that the 46-page brochure contains many inaccuracies and that claims of a fresh bid being submitted could be disputed.

Douglas reported that a historic offer could still be on the table, but that Mike Ashley’s representatives appear to be reiterating that no bid has been placed as of yet.

The Daily Mail shared that Kenyon was fronting a £300million bid in an attempt to take over at St James’ Park, with the aims to make Newcastle as one of the best teams in the Premier League.

Speaking in a Q&A on the Chronicle website on Friday, Douglas revealed what he has been told regarding the potential new bid from Kenyon and GACP Sports.

“I’ve also been told this morning that the terms described in the brochure would not be acceptable to Ashley as they stand,” he said.


It is no surprise that regarding the inconsistencies involved within the brochure that Ashley and his representatives would class it as unacceptable. Kenyon admitted he would support Steve Bruce if his bid is successful, but that is because the manager has had “unparalleled success” in Europe [The Sun]. It could be that Kenyon simply replaced Rafael Benitez’ name with Bruce unless he calls success in Europe one failed campaign with Hull City, something which is very unlikely. On top of that, Kenyon made a series of blunders in his brochure, claiming that Newcastle had spent 87 of the past 89 years in the top-flight of English football when they have clearly been in the second division many times, winning the Championship as recently as in the past five years. Kenyon needs to prove he is more serious, after all, if Ashley finds his terms unacceptable, then there must be a deep-lying issue regarding his brochure and negotiations.

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