Owen ‘loved’ Newcastle

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Michael Owen has claimed that he loved Newcastle during his time playing for the club after his online feud with Alan Shearer.

The former Magpies’ record-signing claimed in his book, as relayed by the Chronicle, that he felt he was too good to be playing for Newcastle, and even launched an attack on the fans, calling them “deluded.”

Owen appeared to backtrack on Friday morning, speaking on BBC Breakfast, as quoted by the Chronicle, saying that he was misunderstood, and actually “loved” Newcastle.

“I loved Newcastle, I loved the city, the people and I loved playing there,” he said.

“Sadly when you say a sentence and when someone stops it half-way through, then you don’t get to mention it in context then it’s very difficult.”

Owen joined Newcastle from Real Madrid in 2005, and eventually played 79 times for the Magpies, scoring 30 goals and adding a single assist – the most goals he was involved in at any club after Liverpool.


For Owen to now backtrack on his claims and suggest that he loved everything about Newcastle seems very hypocritical. The former Liverpool and England forward could simply be trying to put himself in a better position after the response to his claims and online feud with club legend Shearer. To say all of those things, such as how he saw the Magpies as a step-down and their fans were deluded, Owen will surely not be forgiven – no matter how much he praises the City and club as a whole. In this situation. it must be better for Owen to just leave what he said in the past, as he can’t change it, as much as he would like to. At this moment, he is simply digging a hole for himself, and with each passing comment, he appears to be getting deeper, with the surface a long way away. No one single player is bigger than the club they play for, especially at a club with the size and following of Newcastle, and Owen himself should thank the Magpies for the opportunity, as he never hit the same heights after leaving St James’ Park.

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