Newcastle fans react to Saint-Maximin

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 United must be beginning to wonder whether the Saint in  Saint-Maximin actually means he is canonised. The Frenchman hasn’t been on Tyneside too long, but he has already won over, visiting food banks, talking up his love for the area, and now, out of nowhere, taking it up on himself to act as a mediator between legend and Michael Owen. The English duo had a bit of a spat on on Tuesday after Shearer essentially accused the former Ballon d’Or winner of failing to try his hardest during his spell at Newcastle, and Owen responded in kind by suggesting that hero had once tried to force through a move to Liverpool. It was all very messy and a little bit petty, but Saint-Maximin took it upon himself to try and smooth things over. Replying to Owen’s tweet, he sent a gif of John Lennon with the caption: “Make love, not war, that’s all we’re saying”. And the loved it. He may be sidelined at the moment, and he may have barely kicked a ball in black and white, but if he can play half as well as he acts as a diplomat, then he is likely to be a very popular addition for the club.

Nothing but  have gathered some of the best tweets below:

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