Newcastle fans react to Carroll report

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The Daily Telegraph published a story on Tuesday claiming that Newcastle striker won’t be fully fit to start a game for the until after Christmas, or at least that’s what the club’s medical staff suspect. That’s not good news for the Army, and the supporters are clearly not happy. However, is this really that big a deal? Carroll was brought back to the club this summer on what was, by all accounts, a glorified pay-as-you-play deal. So it’s not as if this is going to mean loads of wasted money for the Magpies, it just means that the international will be shunted into an impact substitute role, which is likely what he would be doing up until around Christmas time anyway. You’d think that head coach Bruce would have taken Carroll’s reintegration back into the first team carefully to avoid aggravating any pre-existing injuries. So this news, if it’s true, probably won’t affect Bruce’s plans for him that much. Despite that, though, the majority of supporters aren’t happy at this report.

Nothing but Newcastle has rounded up some of the best tweets below.

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