Colback refused to pose for squad photo

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Newcastle United midfielder Jack Colback refused to be part of the club’s official squad photo, according to The Chronicle.

The newspaper claims that the 29-year-old didn’t want to be a part of the snap, having been deprived of a shirt number and a place in Steve Bruce’s Premier League squad.

Despite the same being true for Colback’s fellow midfielder Henri Saivet, the Senegal international was present in the photograph.

Right back Jamie Sterry, in the same boat as the midfield duo, was also not included in the photo.


Look, you can’t really blame either Colback or Sterry if they didn’t want to be a part of the photo. Perhaps they felt it would be hypocritical for them to line up alongside their teammates and pose for a nice photo when they’re not even a part of the first team squad this season. Maybe you would’ve expected Sterry to be present, seeing as he is a young man and a local lad. Colback, however, is a seasoned professional approaching his thirties. He’s likely taken not being in the squad as a huge blow and clearly he’s still angry about it. It’s curious that Saivet has still lined up for the photo despite being in the same boat as both Colback and Sterry. The former Bordeaux man clearly doesn’t see it as being an issue. Perhaps he’s more accepting of his situation than the other two, for whatever reason. It’s a strange one ,this, but this isn’t the sort of behaviour that is likely to see Colback get back into the good books at St James’ Park.

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