BZG have not gone away

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The have not gone away in their efforts to potentially takeover United, according to journalist Neil Mitchell.

The writer claimed on the Chronicle that the group have been left embarrassed by their attempts to complete a deal with for the this summer.

Mitchell reported that Sheikh Khaled has been angered by the takeover and more specifically at Ashley for his attempts to change negotiations midway through talks.

“As for the Bin Zayed Group, have they gone away? he wrote in a Chronicle column.

“No is what I have been told but this summer has certainly been highly embarrassing for them and Sheikh Khaled.”

“They are angry, too. I am quite sure some of that anger is at themselves in part, but also at using the deal stagnating to try and change terms.”

The Sun reported earlier in the summer that the had agreed a £350million deal to take control at St James’ Park, a move that failed to materialise.


It is no surprise that the have been angered by the actions of Ashley this summer. The controversial owner has also continued to ruffle the feathers of all Magpies’ fans, who were led to believe that this would be the year that they could finally wave goodbye to one of the Premier League’s most hated owners. Newcastle fans have made their thoughts clear at the beginning of this season by boycotting a number of fixtures at St James’ Park as they look to force Ashley out of the club. Their boycotts seem justified, as Ashley’s attempts at changing terms midway through negotiations – if true – could prove that the fans are right to believe that their owner isn’t as committed as he says he is when it comes to selling the club. If Ashley wanted to sell the he could have done so when the made their move in the summer, but his decision to try and negotiate a better deal for himself only highlights how his financial needs come before what is right for the club and its fans.

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