Supermac: Newcastle must do three things better

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Malcolm Macdonald has made a list of three things he believes Newcastle United must do to make sure that they are “all right” this season. 

The Magpies started their campaign with a 1-0 loss to Arsenal on Sunday, and face Norwich City in their first away fixture of the new term on Saturday afternoon.

And Toon legend Macdonald has made a three-point list of things he wants to see improved upon.

Writing in a piece for the Chronicle, he said: “United have to do three things better.

“1 Cut out individual mistakes;

“2 When a chance comes take it;

“3 Find a killer instinct. If they do they will be all right this season because the rest is decent.”


It’s hard to argue with Macdonald on this one, largely because, with the greatest of respect to the Toon legend, he is stating the bleeding obvious. It’s not exactly reinventing the wheel to say “if you stop making mistakes and start scoring goals, you will win football matches”. That’s just basic logic. The point he makes about having a bit more fight is an interesting one though. It’s not necessarily that the Toon Army lack aggression, it’s more about them being able to channel that aggression into the right areas. Show a little bit more fire to get on the end of crosses, don’t be afraid of hoofing one into Row Z when things are getting hectic at the back. Supermac is right, there is a foundation to be built on on Tyneside, but it’s going to take a little more than vague cliches and platitudes to get it done.

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