Ryder: Newcastle still for sale

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Newcastle United are still for sale despite a failed attempt by the Bin Zayed Group in the summer, according to Chronicle journalist Lee Ryder.

The reporter claimed via a live Q&A session on the Chronicle’s website on Wednesday [02:09pm] that he has spoken with top-brass at Newcastle and they maintain that Mike Ashley is still looking to sell and a deal can be completed quite fast if someone can show proof of funds.

“The last time I spoke to people high up at Newcastle the club was still for sale,” said Ryder.

“It’s a deal that can be done quickly for those who have the funds. So far they are yet to see evidence of that.

“I don’t think anybody was fooled per say, the groups interested had time to prove they could do the deal but didn’t manage it.

“The BZG released some statements but have not backed that up on any follow ups to things.”

Ashley, 54, has owned Newcastle since 2007 but his popularity among the fans is now at an all-time low after the failure to keep hold of Rafa Benitez at the end of last season and replacing him with Steve Bruce.


BZG’s attempts to buy Newcastle in the summer all seemed too good to be true and it definitely provided a distraction for a lot of fans throughout the transfer window while Benitez’s future was in question and key players like Salomon Rondon and Ayoze Perez left. Were BZG ever serious about buying the club? It does not seem like it. If they couldn’t – or didn’t – show proof of funds to Ashley then that’s it isn’t it? They seemed to be able to talk the talk but never walked the walk. Fans should know by now what happens every time someone is linked with buying the club. There is usually always silence from the club itself and local journalists, like Ryder and others in the North-East, know a lot more than people who are spouting nonsense in the national newspapers or are Middle Eastern radio hosts releasing “statements” on their Twitter account. It’s time to start having some faith in the local press and not hating on them just because they are reporting stuff you don’t like to hear.

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