Date: 4th August 2019 at 1:30pm
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New signing has in just a few days cultivated a reputation amongst the club’s supporters as a fan favourite. The Army have really taken to him, and what the Frenchman has just said has seemingly only increased the adoration in which he is held by the . He replied on his personal Twitter account to a supporter asking him to support the fans’ , simply stating ‘OK I will’ with an emoji. That reply, his instantaneous decision to support the new city he’s based in and the people in it, has got the Newcastle fans completely enraptured. This is the sort of stuff that is going to ingratiate him to any team’s fanbase, but particularly to faithful, who are so frenetic in their support of their side and so passionate about doing whatever they can to help their city. Saint-Maximin, despite having a reputation as a bit of a trouble-maker over in with Nice, appears to have a fantastic attitude. He clearly wants to dive straight into life as a Newcastle player, and things like this will strengthen his bond with the fans tenfold.

Nothing but Newcastle has rounded up some of the best tweets below.