Downie shares what Chopra told him about Newcastle win v Spurs

Image for Downie shares what Chopra told him about Newcastle win v Spurs

Michael Chopra and Sky Sports journalist Keith Downie watched Newcastle United’s 1-0 win against Tottenham while they were in Amsterdam together on Sunday.

Chopra had been very outspoken about the way that Steve Bruce had set up his team in the opening weeks of the season but Joelinton’s first goal in a Newcastle shirt was enough to earn all three points in an unexpected 1-0 win in North London this weekend.

Downie took to his personal Twitter account after the game to share what Chopra said while in the Dutch capital.

“Team shape was spot on – they’ve obviously been working on it,” the ex-Newcastle striker said, as quoted by the Sky Sports reporter.


Chopra’s criticism over the last week or so has led to a mixed reaction. A lot of fans have been in total agreement with the ex-Magpies striker while there are some sections and some pundits who have disagreed with what he has had to say. At the end of the day though, we are all football fans who all have an opinion on the game – it just depends who has the loudest voice when that opinion is made. As Chopra is someone who used to play for Newcastle, whatever he says is either going to be closely scrutinised, criticised or widely praised. He had concerns about last week’s defeat to Norwich – who didn’t? Will he have those same concerns about the performance at Tottenham? Maybe, but those concerns won’t be as bad as they were seven days ago. It is fair for Chopra to criticise but a lot of people need to remember that this is still early days in the season. 

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