Charnley addresses BZG takeover

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has addressed the rumoured Bin Zayed Group  attempt of Newcastle this summer, suggesting that the club were not keen on getting “drawn into a running commentary” on the situation.

The Dubai-based consortium were heavily linked with a buyout of the Magpies, but those rumours fizzled out as the window progressed.

And while many were left fuming at the lack of communication offered by the current owner throughout the saga, Charnley has suggested that Mike Ashley’s tight-lipped policy was deliberate and will be repeated.

As quoted by the Chronicle, he said: “We carry on business as usual and if there is a development we will announce it.

“We aren’t going to get drawn into a running commentary [on the or BZG].

“Our policy has been no comment and we will only say something on it if there is something definitive to say.”


This will no doubt be more than a little infuriating for Newcastle  fans. Once again, rather than properly addressing the issue at hand, Charnley has been wheeled out to deliver another diluted, politician’s answer that will please nobody but his boss, Ashley. In some respects, you can’t blame the board for being tight-lipped. After all, they are running a business, and to spurt out every little development in an attempted buyout would be both unprofessional and potentially detrimental to the deal. That being said, Ashley has taken that vow of silence to extreme and insulting lengths. Ironically, not everything is as black and white as he sees it, and a more gradated and nuanced approach, opening up a channel of communication that is both transparent and controlled, would have gone along way to preventing the kind of uproar that this summer has understandably caused.

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