True Geordie urges Newcastle fans to boycott every game

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YouTube-famous United fan has urged supporters to not just boycott the game against Arsenal – but to boycott every single match until Mike Ashley leaves St James’ Park.

Ashley has never been popular among fans but the relationship between the owner and the is at an all-time low following Steve Bruce’s appointment to replace Rafa Benitez as manager.

Newcastle fans have since been planning to boycott the Premier League opener against at St James’ Park next month to show their displeasure towards Ashley and hit the club owner in the pocket.

However True Geordie, real name Brian Davis, reckons that a prolonged boycott is a more effective way of forcing Ashley to sell up.

“I’ve gotten to that point where, how can I take serious when Newcastle doesn’t take itself seriously anymore? We’re a joke of a club,” said on The Kick Off podcast [1m 55s onwards] on YouTube.

“All of the fans are saying ‘boycott Arsenal’, ‘do this’, ‘do that’. Realistically it doesn’t matter what we do. These guys are just going nowhere, they don’t care at all.

“But boycotting one game isn’t going to be enough.

“The only way we can make a real stand against these owners is to stop going, don’t come back until he leaves.

“That is the true ******* stance, the real way we’re going to get them out.”


is one of the most passionate supporters you could come across and while it will no doubt hurt fans to not attend matches – it’s ultimately the best thing to do. How else can the fans make it clear that Ashley that he has to go? Not buying official club merchandise is one thing but not attending matches and not purchasing season tickets will surely be noticeable for the Sports Direct tycoon. The way that Ashley has gone about running Newcastle is a joke and he has stayed well past his welcome on Tyneside. He’s hardly invested any money into the squad. he’s turned the stadium into a billboard and worst of all, he has divided the fanbase unlike anyone else ever has done at St James’ Park. Bruce’s appointment is an irrelevance in the grand scheme of things. Even before Bruce was hired, the damage was down when Ashley failed to get Benitez tied down to a new deal. Ashley doesn’t know how football works, all he knows is how business works.

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