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Stuart Pearce remarks on Bruce taking the Newcastle job

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revealed he thought Bruce had made a good decision by opting to become United manager.

The Magpies’ official website confirmed on Wednesday that the 58-year-old was now the manager of and Pearce thought Bruce knew exactly what he was walking into at St James Park.

Pearce shared that he disagreed with Alan Shearer, who wrote in his column for The Sun that he urged Bruce not to take the job, and claimed that the 58-year-old had done a fantastic job at every club he had been at.

“See I’ve got a slightly different take on this,” said Pearce on talkSPORT (7:09am, Thursday, July 18th).

“I think Bruce has been around, he has done a lot, he’s done fantastic jobs at all the clubs he has been at bar none, I think you go into with your eyes wide opening.

“Everyone knows, they wash their dirty laundry in public at Newcastle, let’s say, everyone knows the situation with the fans, the owner, whatever and I think it’s a good appointment for Bruce to take.

“I don’t really agree with Alan on that way.”


Pearce is really barking up the wrong tree here. While it’s understandable why Bruce has taken the job, he’s a Geordie and what other team would take him, to claim he has done a fantastic job wherever he has been is ludicrous.  If the 58-year-old boss had really excelled at every club he has been at, why would he have managed so many clubs during his career? Bruce has managed 10 clubs, not including the Magpies, and if he had been so wonderful, why would he have managed so many as teams tend to keep managers who do well. The 58-year-old’s longest stint at a club was when he was in charge of as he oversaw 251 games during his reign. However, it’s not like he will brag about his time at Birmingham as he only averaged 1.34 points per match (Source: Transfermarkt). So while Pearce is clearly trying to defend Bruce taking the job, which seems like a poisoned chalice, maybe he shouldn’t as he just digs himself a hole with his remarks.

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