Date: 18th July 2019 at 8:00am
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shared he understood why some United were planning to boycott the club’s first Premier League game of the against .

The Newcastle legend revealed he thought that a section of Magpies supporters had basically had enough and grown sick of being used, hence why they were planning to boycott the clash with .

Shearer also added that ’s biggest problem at Newcastle is that supporters will continue to have issues with Magpies owner even if the manager calms a few supporters down by getting results.

“If Steve starts well and gets some good results, he might calm a few fans down. But one thing they are not going to forget about is their issues with the owner,” wrote Shearer in his column for The Sun.

“That is Steve’s biggest problem — he now has to cope with all of that side of things.

“Some supporters are planning to boycott the first Premier League game of the season against Arsenal and I totally understand that.

“They have basically had enough and are sick of being used.”


Is anyone surprised that Shearer has hit the nail on the head once again? Surely not. The former Magpies forward is right to claim that supporters are justified to boycott the Arsenal clash as they’ve put up with enough. Who knows if Shearer didn’t have TV commitments maybe he’d be joining the boycott and shunning all things Newcastle United so that Ashley got the message. As for his remarks on Bruce, if the manager hears them surely he’ll be having second thoughts about taking the job. After all, the 58-year-old probably is hoping that the toxic atmosphere surrounding St James Park will go away if he racks up a few wins in his opening games, and Shearer is probably right to suggest the mood will only improve once Ashley successfully sells the club. Also, Bruce has a difficult task getting off to a good start as Magpies boss, as Newcastle have to play the likes of Arsenal, and within their first five league fixtures of the season.