Date: 5th July 2019 at 8:41pm
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Many should appreciate how Max Rushden compared to Tottenham as it showed he understood how supporters felt about their club.

The talkSPORT host highlighted that Newcastle was a one-club city and implied they had a big impact on the community, whereas if a side like disappeared from London, then the capital would survive without them.

“It’s important for Newcastle as it’s a one club city right? They’re so important those clubs,” said Rushden on talkSPORT (17:06, Friday, July 5th).

“If Tottenham disappeared from London, London would survive but Newcastle is so important, not that I want that to happen, don’t at me, but y’know Newcastle are so important to that city.

“Would it take a lot of money to do that (help the community?) though I don’t imagine he (Ashley) will change, but what could he do to encourage things with the community?”

The are the only club in Newcastle and if they were to fall down the leagues or into a terrible state then the city would be worse off for it.

Blyth Spartans may be close by on the coast and Gateshead FC may just be across the river, but it’s not the same.

While Spurs fans may feel offended that Rushden believes if their club disappeared London would survive, whereas Newcastle would be lost without the Magpies, he is right.

There are 12 London-based teams playing in a professional league, with five of them in the and seven in the Football League.

If Tottenham were to suddenly not exist as if they were snapped out of existence like in a Marvel movie; their supporters would end up cheering on other teams in the area; granted probably not Arsenal.

But the fact is, London would survive and move on.

Rushden then proceeded to question whether Magpies owner could repair his relationship with fans by investing in the community, though predicted he wouldn’t, and it shows the host understands Magpies fans.

, the MP for Newcastle Central, previously tried to stress Ashley should be making an asset of the community; as relayed by The Times, and she reflects the views of the local area, so it’s clear Rushden gets what the Magpies owner does not.

Newcastle United aren’t all about what happens on the pitch, they’re a side who are rooted in a city’s identity.