Date: 24th July 2019 at 5:30pm
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Newcastle United have received a £1million windfall for taking part in the Premier League Asia Trophy, according to the Chronicle.

The national newspaper claim that ’ have received that seven-figure fee due to the Premier League not distributing prize money for each place during the tournament.

The Chronicle report that aside from picking up £1million from their participation in the Premier League Asia Trophy, the tournament helped the club make big strides ahead from a commercial point of view.

It is believed the netted more revenue for advertising National Sports App, with the team’s shirt donning a Chinese logo for their games with Wolves as well as , and it is thought the club’s head of commercial activity Dale Aitchison had meetings with leading TV companies to discuss future opportunities.


It seems the Magpies’ beating West Ham wasn’t the only positive to come from the club’s pre- trip to . Based on this report by the Chronicle, Newcastle worked hard to build their brand in the Far East while the team was out there, and it seems the recent trip did help. Also, it’s worth noting that earning a cool £1million can’t be shrugged off after all the Magpies only had to play two games. While £1million isn’t a mouthwatering amount if it’s added to the it will certainly help. Newcastle made their first signing of the summer on Tuesday by recruiting from Hoffenheim. The Magpies are thought to have spent £40million on signing the 22-year-old forward, which broke the club’s transfer record (Source: BBC), but Bruce is no doubt aware more business needs to be completed. The Magpies no longer have or on the club’s books, the pair led the Magpies’ scoring-charts last season, and the club can’t just rely on Joelinton to get all their goals.