Date: 2nd July 2019 at 9:20am
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appeared to disagree with talkSPORT journalist Graham Courtney over his claim that Newcastle wouldn’t following Rafa Benitez’s exit from the club.

The talkSPORT host shared that when Courtney first broke the news that Benitez was set to exit the Magpies when his contract expires on talkSPORT, he made it clear the one thing he thought Magpies fans wouldn’t do is stop attending games.

However, Woods suggested that it could be something Newcastle fans do, though admitted she wasn’t 100% sure but acknowledged it could potentially work.

“That’s interesting, cause Graham Courtney, we had him on when the news broke, and he was ahead of the curve as he said this is going to happen he is going to leave when his contract is up on the Sunday of that week,” said Woods on talkSPORT (7:28am, Tuesday July 2nd).

“And he said the one thing they (Newcastle fans) won’t do is leave, they won’t stop coming to that ground as they’re such a loyal fanbase but you do wonder if they do take the lead of other clubs that have done this.

“As we were saying, does it really work? We were trying to think of examples where it does, so potentially it might, could this be something that Newcastle fans adopt?

“I just don’t know.”


If fans boycott games then it would send a clear message to Magpies owner that enough is enough. The owner oversaw Benitez walking out of the door, and given how loved the Spanish manager was, it shouldn’t be a shock if fans share their displeasure by not turning up. It would be a bold move but potentially a powerful one. This is especially the case when you consider the Magpies’ opening game of the against Arsenal is set to be on , which means there will be lot of cameras filming the potentially empty sheets. Not only would it hit Ashley in the wallet, as the club won’t make that much money from ticket sales, but it would be embarrassing for him and the club. While Magpies fans do nothing but love their club, and won’t want to disrespect it, what else can they do to show their displeasure over Benitez going? Courtney, talkSPORT’s North East correspondent, may not be able to imagine a scenario where the Magpies’ passionate fanbase don’t attend games, but he is really not taking into account how disillusioned they are.