Date: 10th July 2019 at 8:30am
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Newcastle United owner is surely sweating as the previously confident has started doubting his own claim about supporters.

The journalist, who is talkSPORT’s North-East correspondent,¬† was previously so confident he told Laura Woods that the one thing Newcastle wouldn’t do is not attend games in order to show their displeasure at the direction of their club, as they were a very loyal fan base.

The talkSPORT host ended up relaying the message on air.

“That’s interesting, cause Graham Courtney, we had him on when the news broke, and he was ahead of the curve as he said this is going to happen he is going to leave when his is up on the Sunday of that week,” said Woods on talkSPORT (7:28am, Tuesday July 2nd).

“And he said the one thing they (Newcastle fans) won’t do is leave, they won’t stop coming to that ground as they’re such a loyal fanbase but you do wonder if they do take the lead of other clubs that have done this.”

However, even though only six days have passed, Courtney is starting to doubt his own claim about Newcastle fans; as he shared he was now expecting there to be large gaps in the crowd for the opening game against Arsenal.

“I think we mentioned a couple of days ago, when I was talking to Natalie, that are the fans going to be really really miffed? Are they not going to turn up for their opening game against Arsenal?” said Courtney on talkSPORT (21:09, Tuesday, July 9th).

“Originally, I have to admit I would go down the line of, that it’s in their blood and Newcastle fans will turn up in their droves and there’d be 52,000 people there.

“Do you know what? I’m starting to think they’ll be some sizeable gaps for that game against Arsenal in that opening game, as the Newcastle fans are really really fed up.”

Courtney has gone from no chance of a to pretty much thinking there will be one and that must be something that has left Ashley worried.

After all, it will be a worrying reflection of how disillusioned Magpies fans have become with him, and there would be no statement he could put out that would show him in a good light.

There will also be no escaping public scrutiny for Ashley if a boycott took place during ’ clash with Arsenal after all Sky Sports will be airing the game live.

When you consider footage of visibly empty seats will be potentially broadcasted in many homes if a boycott happens; Ashley surely is sweating as it will reflect badly on him.