Date: 2nd July 2019 at 10:10am
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Former Newcastle United owner Sir John Hall has said that the club’s supporters need to move on from Rafael Benitez now.

The Spaniard has now officially left the Magpies, and the fans are understandably bereft and very angry at owner Mike Ashley. Hall, though, feels that they should forget about their beloved ex manager.

“He’s gone now, and you’ve just basically got to accept the fact – the fans have got to,” he told ITV News. “It is no good crying over spilt milk.

“There’s many problems there, now it’s time to find the solutions. We’re beyond Rafa now.”


Hall is being pretty blunt, here, but his overall message is one that makes sense. As he says, it’s no good crying over spilt milk. Benitez is gone now and, in fact, has already found alternative employment with Chinese Super League side Dalian Yifang. So he’s moved on, now the supporters have to as well. For Benitez, he’ll probably be happy to go somewhere where he’ll be treated well by the owner, paid a fortune and revered by those in power at the club. That will be a stark contrast for him from his time with the Magpies. There won’t be many fans who enjoy hearing Hall’s words, but he’s got a point. There are plenty of glaring issues at St James’ Park that need resolving, but precious little answers being provided. That should be the focus for those in charge at Newcastle now: solving the problems that the club clearly has.