Date: 23rd July 2019 at 8:00pm
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The Newcastle players were repeatedly asking what was happening with prior to his appointment as manager, according to the Shields Gazette.

The former boss was officially announced as Rafael ’s replacement last week, but speculation was swirling around him long before that.

The Gazette’s report states that “What’s happening with Bruce?” was a question heard again and again in the days leading up to his appointment.


It’s no surprise that the Newcastle players had cottoned on to what was going on with Bruce. It was clear from fairly early on that Bruce was the frontrunner for the position, and squad clearly latched onto that. It’s extremely difficult in this day and age, with social media so prevalent, for players not to find out who the club are looking at as the next manager. Everything about the Bruce appointment was so well publicised, was critiqued and analysed by pundits and ex players constantly, that it would be nigh on impossible for the Newcastle players not to pick up on it. But they will have wanted some clarity and to know who would be leading them into the new . However, by the sounds of this, it certainly seems as if they were getting very little communication from those higher up at the club. Would a club usually tell their players who they’re about to appoint? Who knows, but Newcastle seemingly didn’t here.