Date: 5th July 2019 at 8:24am
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Reports that the have not made an official bid for are categorically not true, according to .

The Capital Radio sports presenter provided the news on his personal Twitter account on Friday, claiming that the have stated that the speculation is simply untrue.

After pushing them for a proper statement on the matter, the BZG replied: ‘Incoming’. However, that doesn’t provide much clarity for supporters.


This is all becoming a bit of a palaver for the Newcastle supporters, isn’t it? You can’t seem to go a week without hearing something new about the BZG’s interest or lack thereof. You would think that after all this speculation and reports in the media that the BZG do have a concrete interest in buying Newcastle. Otherwise, they’re simply wasting their own and ’s time. Clearly they were keen to tell Redding the truth from their point of view. However, they didn’t really elaborate, they merely said ‘Incoming’. What does that mean? Are they saying a bid is incoming? In which case the reports that they are yet to make an official move are true. Or are they saying they’ve made one offer to Ashley and are ready to make another? The Newcastle fans will be asking all these questions and more, which is why it’s vital that they get clarity from somewhere about whether the BZG are anywhere close to purchasing the club or not.